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Delicato Family Vineyards

Delicato Family Vineyards produces a portfolio of premium wines from a selection of the most desirable vineyards in notable California wine-growing regions. The winery harvests grapes from Napa, Lodi, Monterey and Sonoma to craft wines that express the diversity of these appellations. The Indelicato family has always understood that wine quality starts in the vineyard and the vineyard is first and foremost a living thing. To ensure future generations live and work in a healthy environment, Delicato will always strive to farm using sustainable practices that allow them to grow, produce and sell quality wines in a manner that benefits everyone – employees, neighbors, land and wildlife. With sustainable farming practices, plus the passion for excellence, Delicato Family Vineyards has all the ingredients to produce an amazing range of wine styles and flavors. Salute!
Pinot Grigio clone selection 152 has noble roots that can be traced back to the Alsace region, thanks to Army General Lazarus de Schwendi who picked up a few vine cuttings on his way home to France in the 16th Century.
$14.99 per Bottle
 Each vine type performs best when it is planted in the kind of soil and climate in which it was born.  The clay-rich soil of our Clay Station Vineyard is punctuated with sand and rock which provides a mix similar to the ancestral home of clone selection 181 in Bordeaux, France.
$14.99 per Bottle
 This is "The One" you've been looking for!  The blend may change from vintage to vintage but there is one unifying trait: dark fruit character.
$14.99 per Bottle
 Named after vineyard Block 242, located at the northernmost point of our San Bernabe Vineyard, these vines enjoy the cool, coastal climate of the Monterey Coast.  
$14.99 per Bottle
Know the Numbers!  Cabernet Sauvignon vine selection 337 is a registered numbered vine clone that originated in the clay soils of Bordeaux, France.
$14.99 per Bottle
 Chardonnay vine selection 4 was planted on our Monterey vineyard block 46 - hence, the designation "446" on our label.
$14.99 per Bottle
 515 celebrates the enchanted time of 5:15pm, so named by our winemakers for the time they occasionally pause from their work to enjoy a taste of this bright, delightful wine.
$14.99 per Bottle
 One of the prestigious "Dijon Clones", vine selection 667 was brought to California from Burgundy, France because this vine stock generates deep color and several layers of tannins. 
$14.99 per Bottle
$9.99 per Bottle
 Reward excellence in all aspects of life.
$29.99 per Bottle
 Black Stallion Winery was once home to the Silverado Equestrian Center.
$21.99 per Bottle